The Naming of My Studio

July 31st, 2014

“Mill Creek Studio” seems the perfect name for my work space. The last week has been particularly pleasant for painting outside. Our log cabin has a covered porch which faces Mill Creek and in this latter part of July I’ve been painting on the porch with the creek gurgling in my ear. Our property has a couple of acres of undeveloped low land which the animals make their own.

This morning we caught sight of a mink, (a small sabel colored and very shy creature). This spring we saw a mink carrying in its mouth little fish and other fresh water treasures to its den for the babies. Ducks and geese raise their young on our property and teach them the water ways coming and going from the ponds to the creek. I feed the geese corn while they are nesting and then later when their goslings join in hungrily. Our trees are full of birds which noisily vie for their “neck of the woods” – busy all day from first light till dark.

I am so grateful for the wilds of Pennsylvania including our own little patch of it. I grew up in the country and since my tiniest childhood have had an affinity for the wild things. Nature holds a large swath of my best self. Many of my paintings depict animals and I believe my love and respect for nature and the creatures who dwell there comes through my work.

So Mill Creek Studio it is!

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